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Criminal Law

At Vashishtha Law Office, we have seasoned criminal lawyers who specialise in Criminal Justice, Criminology & Criminal Law. We deal extensively with matters pertaining to Crimes Against Women, Penal Offences, Prevention of Corruption Cases, Criminal Writ Jurisdictions, Appeals, Trials, Vulnerable Victims/Witness Trials etc. We understand that criminal charges often attract not only societal stigma, but also severe mental and monetary distress. Therefore, our professional team takes a special note of such concerns and ensure your mental and social well-being. At Vashishtha Law Office, we offer psychological counselling (free of cost) to our clients who suffer mental health problems.


Our team of expert lawyers have successfully assisted prosecution and victim in various matters on crimes against women, crimes against a human body and various other criminal matters. The Code of Criminal Procedure 1908, allows a private practioners or a lawyer to assist the prosecution in cases where the Victim feels the need for the same. We also ensure that the victim is rehabilitated and the quality of life is restored in the best possible manner. We have further represented clients in the matters pertaining to Information Technology Act and other related cyber law issues. Our team is equipped with the state of the art legal resources and knowledge to assist our clients like never before.

Alternate Dispute Resolutions

At Vashishtha Law Office, we specialise in ADR’s, especially mediation and Arbitration. Mr. Sanjay Vashishtha is a trained mediator and undertook extensive training in Mediation at McGill University Canada. He was trained in mediation by world class professors, mediation experts and Hon’ble Judges of the Canadian Legal System. At Vashishtha Law Office it is often our endeavour to separate the “people and the problem” to give a better insight into the dispute. Mr. Rakesh Sachdeva, our senior attorney, is an expert mediator and the Mediator at the Delhi High Court Mediation Cell for many years. He has successfully mediated many matters both as an attorney and a mediator. Mr. L.A. Vashishtha, our director, has mediated various top corporate disputes successfully in a very prompt and effective manner.

Immigration Law

At Vashishtha Law Office, our team deals extensively with immigration and refugee law. We have certified and trained experts in our team to deal with your immigration/visa related issues in India or elsewhere. Be it an appeal to a visa rejection or an application or a criminal prosecution in any countries abroad, our team is here to protect your interest. We have tie ups with international platforms/ barristers and immigration consultants to deal with your issues at a global level. We specialise in international law and can assist you in your language. We speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, French and Spanish.

Pro-Bono Work

Part of our income goes to free legal aid/ wrongful convictions and other societal issues and concerns. At Vashishtha Law office, it is always our endeavour to understand and address sensitive societal issues. For more details and contributions on our ongoing pro-bono work, kindly contact us on

Competition Law

Globalization and the rampant growth of neo-liberalism, had undoubtedly increased the level of competition in market which has now led to the growth of competition law, especially in South Asia. Quite often, basic norms of competition are overlooked, surpassed which attracts the need for competition laws. Our experts specialise in such areas of law enforcement from various further classified perspectives such as intellectual property in the row of competition, anti-trust dispute resolution, market investigation, commercial disputes, monopolization, judicial review, etc. We provide advisory solutions to our clients covering maximum areas of competition law related issues that are inclusive of reviewing potentially anti-competitive agreements, anti-competitive practices, business practices and arrangements and formulation of compliance. At Vashishtha Law Office's it is our priority to stay updated with the latest competition law related news and ongoing changes of the today's competitive and dynamic industry. 

Civil Litigation

At Vashishtha Law Office, we specialise in civil litigation and take pride in representing our clients throughout India in any dispute of civil nature which may range from probate petitions / objections, Family Law/ Divorce / Marriages, any litigation that attracts the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, Writ Petitioners, Civil Appeals to the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India, Injunctions etc. Our team of expert attorneys have extensive experience and expertise, who often attempt to end your conflict in an efficient and time effective manner. At Vashishtha Law Office we respect your time and privacy, hence it is our endeavour to proceed in a transparent and cost effective manner. 

Corporate law

Corporate sector is one of the most important part of Indian economy. At Vashishtha law office we provide range of services in this this particular sector. Vashishtha law office acknowledges the fact that along with legal requirement/compliance there can also be litigation dispute that need preparation beforehand in order to avoid serious consequences. These are the following range of legal services provided by the Vashishtha law office.

Ø  Dispute resolution                                                                                                                                           Ø  Litigation pertaining to N.C.L.T

Ø  Due diligence                                                                                                                                                      Ø  White collar crime

Ø  Mediation and conflict                                                                                                                                    Ø  Specialized in civil litigation pertaining to corporate sector

Ø  Legal advice                                                                                                                                                        Ø  Legal compliance

Ø  Logical document determination                                                                                                             Ø  Formulation of privacy policies for various business models

Ø  Determination of Term & Conditions for various business models.

Ø  Startup services i.e Incorporation of companies , Registration of L.L.P etc